Palace of Vaux Le Vicomte

To enrich your knowledge of French history and culture or simply for the pleasure of an unforgettable experience, explore the Château of Vaux le Vicomte, in the company of family or friends in our authentic cars.

Discover the fascinating history of Vaux le Vicomte, built for the Superintendent of Finances – Fouquet. The splendour of the Château that aroused the jealousy of the Sun King, later became a model that inspired the whole of Europe.

This domain is the joint workmanship of three men, the landscape architect André Le Nôtre, the architect Louis Le Vau and the painter-decorator Charles Le Brun. Together they achieved the most perfect blend of architecture and landscape of the 17th century

You will be able to spend two and a half hours exploring the garden and its catle.


Visited Monuments

  • Palace of Vaux le Vicomte


Place of departure

Place de la Nation, at level of Avenue du Trône, 75011 Paris
Subway: Nation station, line 1, 2, 6, 9
RER (Regional Express Network): Nation station, line A
Bus : Nation stop, line 26, 56, 57
Possibility to pick you up at the place of your choice (optional)


Departure times

On weekends

8h – 8h30 – 9h – 9h30 – 10h



Peugeot 404 Mercedes 280SE
5h Tour
279€ 379€

– for 1 person, 279€ p/pers for a visit in the Peugeot 404 and 379€ p/pers in the Mercedes 280.

– for 2 people, 139,5€ p/pers for a visit in the Peugeot 404 and 189,5€ p/pers in the Mercedes 280.

– for 3 people, 93€ p/pers for a visit in the Peugeot 404 and 126,3€ p/pers in the Mercedes 280.

– for 4 people, 94,7€ p/pers in the Mercedes 280.


Enjoy a unique experience!

champagneEnjoy a bottle of champagne during the tour/ 39 euros.

macaronsSavour an assortment of macaroons during the tour / 9 euros per person.

photo-paris We take you in picture at different places of your choice and you receive yours pictures by email / 19 euros.

depart-domicileYou choose yourself the place of departure / arrival of the tour / 19 euros. N.B. : The possible places of departure / arrival are limited to the first 10 districts of Paris.


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